Boss Style "Middle" Knob - Knurled Shaft (14mm OD)

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Shove over! It's time to give this black knob with mirror cap the attention it deserves. We're talking about the "Middle" knob here, you know, the one that sits in the middle of one of the most iconic guitar pedal layouts ever? 

This style knob is perhaps most commonly seen on the Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal, nestled oh-so-practically between its skirted knob siblings. The Boss Middle knob is a classic for a reason: Its super-solid look complements our other Boss knob offeringsin 20mm (smooth and knurled shaft), 27mm, 33mm, and 45mm outer diametersas well as looks stylish in its own right.

Like the proverbial middle child, this black mirror cap knob plays well with others: It features a slim, 14mm outer diameter; a subtle grip knurling; a full length, white-painted indicator; and options in both silver and gold caps. 

For 18T knurled shaft potentiometers.

The Specs:

Boss style knob

Plastic with indicator

For 18T (6.0mm) knurled shaft pots

13mm (1/2") tall

14mm (1/2") outer diameter at the base


Note: We've got six different sizes of classic fluted Boss-style knobs, from extra-small (14mm) to extra-large (45mm). Check out the measurements for a size comparison.

Extra-Small (the knob you're currently looking at): 14mm x 13mm

The Tall Boy: 16mm x 12mm

Small: 20mm x 12mm in 1/4" smooth shaft and knurled shaft

Medium: 27mm x 16mm

Large: 33mm x 16mm

Extra-large: 45mm x 20mm

Tip: The term "Boss" refers to the aesthetic design of this knob, with the mirror cap inset into a plastic knob shell. A Boss-style knob will not automatically fit all Boss pedals. The right fit depends on the shaft size of the knob's potentiometer. Read this post to figure out what kind of knob you need: