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Boss Style Knob in Color - 1/4" Smooth Shaft (20mm OD)

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This classic fluted, mirror cap knob with skirt has been around the block, taken all the names, and is the absolute BOSS! Probably why so many major pedal companies (and boutiques to boot!) choose it for their gear.

Nine color choices and a super versatile 20mm diameter means you can get bossy with color or stay classic in black. And, now we've added a gold cap to the program because we are all about that bling (or "drip" for those under 30).

This mix-and-matchable Boss style knob features a removable film that protects the mirror cap and keeps it shiny in transit, as well as a brass cup insert with a flat-head set screw to hold it securely on a 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometer.

The Specs:

Boss style knob

Plastic with indicator

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft pots

12mm (1/2") tall

20mm (3/4") outer diameter at the skirt

Note: We've got four different sizes of classic fluted Boss-style knobs, from extra-small (20mm) to extra-large (45mm). Check out the measurements for a size comparison.

Small: 20mm x 12mm

Medium: 27mm x 16mm

Large: 33mm x 16mm

Extra-large: 45mm x 20mm



Tip: The term "Boss" refers to the aesthetic design of this knob, with the mirror cap inset into a plastic knob shell. A Boss-style knob will not automatically fit all Boss pedals. The right fit depends on the shaft size of the knob's potentiometer. Read this post to figure out what kind of knob you need: