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3PDT Latched Foot Switch - Low Profile - Solder Lugs

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Low Profile 3PDT compact foot switch.

Great for applications where you need a smaller 3PDT foot switch.

They're built well, have epoxy, and all that jazz. Check the datasheet to get the full picture.

Soldering Temperature: 250℃ Max for 3 Seconds.

12mm mounting hole

3A 250VAC
6A 125VAC


Beginners: If you're using a PCB board someone else designed for foot switches, you'll need to make sure it was done specifically for the low profile switch (due to a smaller pin layout). Otherwise it's likely you'll need to go with the standard BLUE 3PDT.

PRO TIP: Do you build wah-wah effect pedals? This is your switch. Just ask our customer @joe.gagan of Joe Gagan Wah, who sells custom wah pedals and kits.

He finds that our Low Profile foot switches are far superior to the standard size 3PDT and DPDT switches, which have poor geometry for wah use. Just a few modifications bring big benefits, from a quieter click to an increased physical range of the wah (a shorter actuation means the user can get a wider throw of the pot travel).

Here's how Joe makes Low Profile foot switches fit perfectly in his pedals:

1. Leave on the lower nut to prevent pulling the switch body apart.

2. Tighten as normal with the upper nut.

Note: The switch height will be right for about 95% of wah pedals. But, if you are in the 5% of builders who need a lower switch, just add washers to recede the switch further into the pedal.

3. Adjust the switch action by trimming the front rubber bumpers, changing to thicker felt under the treadle, or using a combination of both these techniques. It may take a bit of back and forth for you to get the switch action where you want it to be.

4. The shorter action of the Low Profile "mini" switch will allow more travel of the wah pot, so this may need to be re-adjusted to prevent damage to the pot. Be sure and check pot adjustment before moving on.

That's it!

We'd love to hear about your experiences building with Low Profile switches. Send us an e-mail, or find us on Instagram @lovemyswitches.