3PDT Latched Foot Switch - Low Profile - Solder Lugs

3PDT Low Profile Latched Foot Switch - Solder Lugs

Low Profile 3PDT compact foot switch.

Great for applications where you need a smaller 3PDT foot switch.

They're built well, have epoxy, and all that jazz. Check the datasheet to get the full picture.

Soldering Temperature: 250℃ Max for 3 Seconds.

PRO TIP: Do you build wah-wah effect pedals? This is your switch. Just ask BLMS customer @joe.gagan of Joe Gagan Wah, who sells custom wah pedals and kits. Here's how he makes the Low Profile 3PDT switch work:

"Leave the lower nut on always. Cut the front rubbers to approximately 1/8" to 3/16"sometimes a slightly taller felt to actuate the switch is needed. Over 500 used since 2012 with no reported issues. They are far superior to standard size 3PDT, which have poor geometry for Wah use."

0.80 Ounces