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Taiway 3PDT Latched Foot Switch - Low Profile - Solder Lugs

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The Taiway low profile, compact 3PDT foot switch delivers on key priorities for builders: size, endurance, and quality. So let's get down to it. Here's why you want this switch.

  • GREAT FOR TIGHT SPACES! The compact size of this low profile 3PDT foot switch makes it that much easier to cram as much stuff as possible into an enclosure--especially important when working within the confines of a 1590A, or similar box. Check out the side-by-side photo in the image gallery to compare the low profile switch to a standard 3PDT Latched Foot Switch.
  • LOW ACTUATOR TRAVEL DISTANCE and FORCE: The low-profile plunger on this actuator travels only ~2.5mm. Plus, the Taiway switch is easier to click (requires a lower actuation force) than comparable compact 3PDT foot switches, making it a heck of a lot nicer on your feet (or fingers). 
  • RATED FOR 50,000 CYCLES!
  • SOFTER CLICK THAN THE STANDARD "BLUE" 3PDT. This is not a true "soft click" foot switch, as there is an audible click. But, to our fingers, the feel is smoother and more precise when compared with the standard 3PDT latching foot switch we've all being using since the dawn of pedal-building.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MANUFACTURING: It's a Taiway. You're getting high-quality manufacturing and hardware, along with close attention to tolerances and other details at every step of the production process.

The Specs: 

3PDT Latched Foot Switch - Low Profile

Silver plated solder lug

12mm mounting hole

Soldering Temperature: 350℃ max for 3 seconds

Actuation force: ~3lbs 9.oz

Actuator travel distance: ~2.5mm 


Does this compact foot switch work with the 3PDT Wiring Board PCB?

Yeah, sort of . . . It's a tight fit, and experienced builders can get the solder lugs to fit without chipping or damaging the solder pads. If you're a noob you're more likely to mess something up, so I'd go with the standard 3PDT--which is a perfect fit.