9V Battery Snap - Hard Shell - T Style - Extra Collar

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9V Battery Snap

T Style wire

Extra Collar for extra protection

Oh snap! These are awesome battery snaps. They're not the flimsy cardboard and vinyl snaps you'd find on $20 pedals. They're hard plastic and great at taking abuse.

Check the image gallery to get a look at how the snap looks when attached to the battery.

This is the "T style". Wires come out of the center. 

It's has an extra bit of plastic around the battery terminals to protect them from circuit gremlins*, you know the ones that stop your design from working even though you've checked everything?

As measured with terminals facing you:

13mm tall

24.5mm wide

8mm deep 

Wires are about 6" / 150mm long


NOTE: Check out the other battery snaps on the site for a full understanding of your battery snap options! They come in 4 flavors.

1. "T style" snaps: Wire comes out of the center (And looks like Wall-E).

2. "Side wire" snaps: Wire comes out of the side.

3. With collar: Plastic collar provides extra shielding of the battery terminals.

4. Without collar



*probably not true