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Amp Jewel Lens - Fender Style with Mounting Collar and Hardware

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The amp jewel lens (sometimes called a pilot lamp jewel) has been a mainstay for amplifiers since Fender first debuted its signature tweed in 1948. 

The Fender-style amp jewel lens comes in five colors--clear, red, amber, blue, and green--so you can customize, repair, and modify existing gear, or design a pedal with a unique look. Our 16mm amp jewel lens includes a faceted lens, mounting collar, washer, and backing nut. Once the mounting collar is installed, you can easily swap out the jewel lens as needed.

When lit, the bulb color will affect the color shining through the lens. (White LED through each color lens is shown in images.)

If you want to replace the jewel lens in your Fender, Peavey, Mesa/Boogie, etc. you'll need to make sure the measurements and threading match, so carefully read the specs below. (There is no guarantee that an amp jewel lens used by a maker on one amp will be the same on another, even if they were made on the same day in the same factory. To put a finer point on it, just because they are "Fender Style," doesn't guarantee 100% they will fit a Fender amp.)

The Specs:

16mm amp jewel lens

Material: body is metal, lens is plastic

Includes thread-on faceted lens, mounting collar, washer, and nut.


Mounts in 16mm hole

Jewel lens length without mounting collar: 17.7mm

Jewel lens length with mounting collar: 26.3mm

Threading size and pitch for collar: M16x1



Q: These say "Fender Style." Does that mean they will fit my Fender amp?

A: We can't guarantee these lenses will fit your specific amp. Unfortunately, there's no master database we can check to see which part was used on every production run of every amp. (A kid can dream, though, right?) The only way for you to know is to measure your gear, including threading, and see if it matches our specs. Manufacturers change out look-a-like parts all the time. If you have a 16mm hole for your current lens and can easily remove and re-mount the bulb lens, then you might be able to swap out the whole assembly. 

Q: How do I mount an LED in there if I use these on a pedal?

A: You're going to have to search the forums and see what others are doing. We just got these in, and we're still experimenting with them. We've seen posts of folks using larger LEDs (8mm and up) and using hot glue to mount the LED inside. The inner diameter is 12.8mm, so you'd have about 2.4mm of hot glue to fill in around the sides of an 8mm LED. (And feel free to email us with information on how you are using them! We'd love to be able to pass along your tips and tricks!)