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Cupcake Style Knob with Indicator (21mm OD)

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Sweeten up your gear with these cupcake style knobs, created today to evoke the look of yesteryear.

Not for perfectionists: These knobs are budget-value reproductions and come to us a little banged up. Most folks don't care as you can't see the little scuffs from a distance. But, if you think you might care, then you should pick one of our other knobs.

Our Cupcake Style Knob includes an indicator so you can use it for volume, tone, or whatever effect you most desire. Solid knurling around the full radius of the knob adds grip, and the set screw firmly holds against a 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft potentiometer.

These knobs are perfect for replacements on Fender amplifiers or other vintage amps and audio equipment. Or, just add these cupcake knobs to any piece of gear that could use some sugar.

The Specs:

Vintage style cupcake knob

Plastic with indicator

Flat head set screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft pots

12.1mm (1/2") tall

20.7mm (0.82") outer diameter