Aluminum Knob - "The Pharaoh" - 18T Knurled Shaft (20mm OD)

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Even if you're not decorating a centuries-old sarcophagus for the afterlife, "The Pharaoh" aluminum knob commands respect and will communicate that your build is the BOSS.

The Black & Gold Pharaoh: The classic Black & Gold version features a gold top ring and indicator, giving a little extra oomph to this knob's slick look.

The Silver Pharaoh: Like its Black & Gold brethren but . . . in cool, sleek silver. Stand out (just like Pharaoh Psusennes I back in 1001 BCE) and give your gear a look fit for a king.

Light-weight aluminum shell knob with indicator and plastic insert for 18T knurled shaft potentiometer.

The Specs:

Aluminum knob

Gold finish indicator and top ring (Black & Gold) or black indicator (Silver)

Plastic insert for 18T knurled shaft pot

16mm tall

20mm diameter