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Black Aluminum Knob - "The Mid-Fi" - 18T Knurled Shaft (15mm OD)

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It's the Mid-Fi knob for 18T KNURLED SHAFT potentiometers (formerly known as the Armbruster knob). This sleek, shiny aluminum knob eliminates the need to mess with teeny tiny set screws. Just press them on your KNURLED SHAFT potentiometers. A sturdy plastic insert gives them grip.

The Specs:

Black aluminum knob

Precision-cut indicator

Plastic insert for 18T knurled shaft pot

13mm tall

15mm diameter at the base


P.S.: Like the size but want a smooth shaft? Check out The Mid-Fi knob.

P.P.S.: This knob looks great next to its similarly styled friends, The Big-Fi (25mm), The Hi-Fi (20mm), The Lo-Fi (12.5mm), and The Mini Hi-Fi (10mm).