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Anodized Aluminum Knob - "The Magpie" - Knurled Shaft (12.5mm OD)

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Get our number one, bestselling knob in the uber-convenient knurled shaft style. Forget fiddling with those tiny set screws -- just push on this classy, aluminum knob to any 6.0mm / 18T knurled shaft potentiometer. 

Our Magpie knobs are manufactured to top-quality specs -- don't be fooled by imitators on the web. Your builds deserve beautiful knobs! With a 12.5mm outer diameter, the Magpie knob's slim size makes it perfect for pedals, synths and other projects where space and precision are at a premium.

Note that the "gold" color for these T18 Magpie knobs is a slightly truer gold than the "white gold" Magpies available for 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometers.

The Specs:

Anodized aluminum knob

White or black painted machine-line indicator

For 18T knurled shaft pots

15.5mm tall

12.5mm outer diameter