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Anodized Aluminum Washer for Toggle Switches

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It's all in the details! These anodized aluminum washers for toggle switches draw attention to the little details that really make a build shine--ahem, literally. With 13 colors from which to choose, you can go uber-hip with black or silver, or loud and proud with bright colors like peacock blue.

Each dress washer measures 12mm in diameter and a beefy 1.5mm thick.

The Specs:

Flat toggle washer (no locking tab)

Anodized aluminum

For miniature toggle

12mm outer diameter

6mm inner diameter

1.5mm thick

RoHS compliant


*Well, they sort of don't fit. The sub-mini toggle nut won't fall through the hole when using this washer. However, the fit isn't very secure since the washer diameter is designed for a larger bushing size. But, in a pinch you could make these work if you drilled too big of a hole and your sub-mini toggle is PCB mounted. (Obviously, it's not ideal, but if what you're building is for personal use, you should be fine. Just don't sell that to someone. You don't want those washers getting loose, and the toggle being held in place only by the PCB.)