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Foot Switch Washers - Bag of 10

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Five styles of foot switch washers offer even more customization options for your pedals and DIY builds.

These washers have inner diameters of 12mm and will fit on lots of stuff beyond guitar pedal foot switches.

Our customers use them as spacers for some of our DC power jacks, 1/4" jacks, and more. As always, check your datasheets and measure to make sure they will fit for your particular use case.

Sizes and styles

Compact (17mm OD, 1mm thick): Our compact washers have a smaller outer diameter and are much less visually noticeable on pedals. Available in black and white nylon material.

Standard (19mm OD, 1.5mm thick): These are the white plastic washers that come standard from the factory with your 3PDT foot switches! Available in white thermoplastic.

Standard (20mm OD, 1mm thick): Functionally similar to the factory-standard white foot switch washer we all know and love, except these babies add a little extra visual punch. Grab 'em in black nylon or the very cool clear PVC.

Don't forget that if you buy in bulk, you'll get a sweet discount!

The Specs:

Foot switch washer

Thermoplastic (standard white), nylon (black and compact white), PVC (clear)

17mm, 19mm, 20mm outer diameters (OD)

12mm inner diameters

1mm, 1.5mm (standard white) thick

10 to a bag