Dress Nut for Foot Switches

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Now in COLOR! Our dress nut for foot switches is ready for action.

A "dress" nut does exactly what the word sounds like -- it dresses up your finished pedal or project for a super-polished look.

To use: Install your foot switch as you normally would, using the switch's mounting nut for a secure fit. Then, just hand-tighten this dress nut over the mounting nut. If you have concerns about the nut becoming loose with age, add some thread-locking fluid to the dress nut's inner thread before mounting.

The Specs:

Nut for foot switches

Nickel-plated brass or anodized finish

For 15/32-32UNS threaded bushing

19.6mm outer diameter

12.4mm inner diameter

4.5mm height

Note: THESE FIT ALL OF OUR FOOT SWITCHES. However... the amount a nut will screw onto a switch's bushing will vary. On some switches, the dress nut will screw down until it is flush with the top of the bushing, and on other switches, the dress nut will screw all the way down.

Don't scratch it! Since these nuts are round and do not have flat sides to accommodate a wrench or pliers, we suggest using a rubber gripping tool (such as a standard kitchen jar grip) to tighten. Just cut a piece small enough to hold the nut, and twist! Another way to protect the nut would be to place a rubber band over the nut before using a wrench or pliers to tighten.