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SPST Momentary Foot Switch - Normally Closed - Soft Touch - Short Shaft - Pre-Wired

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Single Pole, Single Throw, Soft Touch Push Button Foot Switch. Normally Closed.

These come PRE-WIRED with 18AWG leads that are about 6 inches long. A great time saver.

*revised 2019.10* You should know these are very sensitive switches. A very light touch will break the connection. Some people love this feature (especially those that use hands and fingers). But, for some folks this is not the right switch for their application. NOTE: The switch does not have a lot of horizontal play like it used to.

Tip for Beginners: 18 AWG is on the thicker side for most guitar pedal wiring. If you're going to connect these to a standard PCB you might have to thin out the leads a little to get them to fit in the standard solder pad hole that you'll find on most off the shelf fx PCBs.

The shaft diameter is 11.77mm. I use a 12mm bit to drill a mounting hole for these.