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Pro-Grade SPST Momentary Foot Switch - Normally Closed - Soft Touch - Solder Lug

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This single pole, single throw normally closed momentary foot switch is perfect for tap tempos, feedback loops, relays, and anywhere you want the option for a constant or fast foot tap.

Lots of people prefer a Normally Closed SPST momentary foot switch for tap tempo pedals. That's because when you tap a normally closed switch, the connection is broken (the circuit is open) earlier in the travel of the switch vs when the plunger is almost at the bottom. So it feels a bit more natural if your brain is paying attention to when your shoes hit the top of the switch vs when the switch hits its bottom. 

Our pro-grade switch is easy to depress and whisper quiet. Makes a great upgrade to any existing pedal or project. Seriously strong, seriously quiet. 

Beginners: Make sure your circuit can handle a normally closed switch. As general rule Boss pedals use a normally closed switch for tap tempo, most other brands use a normally open switch. Check your manual to make sure.

The Specs:

SPST momentary foot switch

Normally closed On-(Off)

Two hex nuts, 1 spring washer assembly

Solder lug

50,000 mechanical cycles

6,000 electrical cycles

Solder temp: 680°F / 360°C for 3 seconds

Bushing OD is 12mm so a 12.7mm (1/4") mounting hole should suffice