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Pro 3PDT Latched Foot Switch - Solder Lugs - Feather Soft Click

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Higher temperature epoxy -- 350℃!

More cycles -- 30,000!

Feather-soft click!

Made in the same factory that supplies Korg!

Yes, friends. You've been looking for a 3PDT latched foot switch with a softer click -- AND THIS IS IT!

Our "feather click" 3PDT latched foot switch has a noticeably softer click and lighter tension than the standard foot switch, perfect for those who prefer a lighter touch. The switch requires about 35 oz. of force before it engages, compared to the standard 3PDT latched foot switch, which requires about 50 oz. of actuation force.

This switch also features HIGH TEMPERATURE EPOXY! You can hit this switch with 350℃ when soldering (max 3 seconds) instead of the standard 250℃.

These soft click 3PDT foot switches are custom manufactured by the same folks who produce parts for Korg, which means you can feel confident that you're buying a quality switch engineered for the maximum number of cycles.


Comes with:

flat metal washer

star/toothed washer

two nuts


The Specs:

3PDT Latched Foot Switch

Silver plated solder lug

Two hex nuts, one metal washer

30,000 cycles

12mm mounting hole

Hand solder temp: 662°F / 350℃ max for 3 seconds

Wave solder temp: 500°F / 260℃ max for 10 seconds

Contact resistance: <30mV

Insulation resistance: >10M ohm @DC500V

Actuation force: ~35 oz.

RoHS compliant