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Lock Washer - Serrated With "Teeth" - Bag of 10

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Get a grip! On your pots and toggles.

The pitbull of hardware, these M7 serrated, toothed lock washers take a "bite" into the nut and the bushing of 16mm potentiometers and miniature toggle switches, increasing friction and decreasing the likelihood that your hardware will slide around when turned or switched. For pots, specifically, a tighter fit means the potentiometer stays more centered and straight, which makes it easier to align pots within the same pedal.

Bag of 10 washers.

The Specs:

Serrated washer (with teeth)

For 7mm diameter things

High-quality, cold-rolled steel with blue zinc plating

For M7 bushing

12.2mm outer diameter

7.5mm inner diameter

.8mm thick

10 to a bag