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Davies 1510 Clone Knob - Knurled Shaft (19mm OD)

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Love the Davies 1510 knob but hate messing around with tiny set screws? We feel you.

The Davies 1510 clone knob for knurled shaft pots has your back! 1510s are the workhorse of the guitar pedal world, with classic styling and tons of colors. We've got 10 in knurled shaft for you, so pick your pleasure.

The Specs:

Davies 1510 clone knob

Smooth plastic with indicator

For 1/4" knurled shaft pot

14.5mm tall

19mm diameter at the skirt


Good Knobs. Good Price. They fit like a glove on my knurled shaft pots.

The boutique pedal world was built with these knobs. Pretty soon we will see throw back designs to the early days of DIY pedal building and these will be everywhere again!