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Fairchild Pointer Knob - Large - 1/4" Smooth Shaft (61mm OD)

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There are times when you need a really, really, really big knob . . . a knob that absolutely dominates its brethren, but does so in style. And when you need a knob so big and so absolutely functionally beautiful -- you reach for the LARGE Fairchild Pointer Knob.

This hefty beast of a knob clocks in at a whopping 61mm from nose to tail. Its sharp pointer with bright white indicator immediately calls to mind vintage radios and mid century audio gear. The knob owes its distinctive look to the knobs used on the Fairchild Tube Compressor 660-670, one of the great tube compressors of the mid-twentieth century and a rare find today, as fewer than 1,000 were built in the 1950s.

The Fairchild Pointer Knobs are made of durable phenolic plastic for 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometers and are available in three sizes:

Small: 29.5mm OD

Medium: 52.5mm OD

Large: 61mm OD

The Specs:

Fairchild Pointer Knob

Phenolic plastic knob

White painted indicator

Brass cup insert with flat head set screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft potentiometer

20.5mm tall

61mm outer diameter, from pointer to end of knob

38mm outer diameter of circle on top of knob


Read up (and watch a cool repair video) on what VintageKing calls "the most expensive piece of mass-produced audio gear" here.