Music by Makers of Music Makers: The 2019 Mixtape

Music by Makers of Music Makers: The 2019 Mixtape

Posted by Rebecca on Jan 15th 2019

Music from Our Makers

It's time to start sharing the 2019 Love My Switches Mixtape, a music compilation made by you, the members of the Love My Switches community. 

We started this project last year as a way of discovering new music and, hopefully, fostering even more creativity among the amazing people who build stuff with the parts we sell. 

It works like this: you send us your music, we share it. (For more info, check out our call for music here.)

Each month we'll be updating this page with more links to bands, artists, videos and songs--all brought to you directly from our inbox. 

No judgment, no filters, just the sounds you've chosen to share.

Side A

Blue Beast: Brainchild of Truus de Groot (Plus Instruments) and Miguel Barella. Both are seasoned veterans of the experimental electronic/noise world.

MARV: An improvisation quartet from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Strongly based on Afro-Brazilian religious percussion of Vitor da Trindade, with two veterans from the Brazilian post-punk scene (Miguel Barella on guitar and Alex Antunes on voice and samples) and Rodrigo Gobett on bass.

Reaver - Post-hardcore/post-punk/post-rock/shoegaze. Band member Chris Shank says, "half of my board is pedals I've made, and most of those have either knobs, switches, or pots sourced from you guys. So yeah, thank you for providing a much needed service." Thanks, Chris!

The Rare Occasions - These guys DIY it! Building pedals and also recording and releasing their album themselves, calling it, "indie rock with occasional math rock tendencies."

Petey Twofinger: A nice guy who made this album and a video to go along with it. It's got some rockin' riffs and spacey interludes. Also, check out his YouTube channel for pedal videos and an anti-David Gilmore rant.

NYVVA - What does it sound like when you juxtapose sitar with modular synths? "An exotic sonic journey, traversing trance-like terrain to a darker and beautiful rhythmic space and back again."

Side B 

Send us your stuff and get listed on Side B!

Note: This post was originally published on January 15, 2019 and has been updated to include additional artists.