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Potentiometer Adapter Sleeve - 6.0mm/Knurled Shaft to 1/4" Shaft Adapter

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Do you want to put a 1/4" knob on your 6.0mm potentiometer? Well, hold onto your calipers because we've got the adapter of your knob-swapping dreams!

Got an 18T knurled shaft pot? No problem.

A 6.0mm smooth shaft pot? No problem!

Just slip one of our solid brass pot adapter sleeves onto any 6.0mm pot shaft to ensure a snug and secure fit for a 1/4" smooth shaft knob.

D shafts: We can't guarantee this adapter will work perfectly with D-shaft pots. We did some testing on D-shaft pots, and while the knob stayed on, we're not yet sure if it's a long-term option. There will likely be a pretty large gap between the adapter and the "flat" side of the pot shaft. We wouldn't be surprised if the adapter might cave in a bit if the set screw ended up in a position over the gap. To increase your chances of success, slide on the adapter, then insert a shim against that flat side. 


The Specs:

6.0mm round shaft potentiometer adapter 


Inner diameter: 6mm

Outer diameter: 6.35mm

Length: 6.3mm


Read What Knob Will Fit On My Gear? for more information on potentiometer sizing and how to find the perfect fit.