Pre-Cut Hook-Up Wire - 24AWG Pre-Bond - Bag of 100

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Save time on your pedal builds! Forget cutting and stripping wires individually -- now get our super-popular 24AWG pre-bond wire in convenient 1.5" and 2" lengths. Each one is stripped for your convenience and comes nestled in a bag of 100 so you'll always have a bit of wire ready to go.

The Specs:

#24 gauge hook-up wire

Multi-strand/stranded (not solid core)

1.5" (3.8cm) or 2" (5.08cm) length per piece

Approximately 5.5mm (.22") stripped per end

100 pieces per bag

UL-appliance rated

1/64" wall thickness

7/32 pre-bond stranding

PVC coated

RoHS compliant

Agency Voltage Rating 300 V for appliance use, 600 V peak, for electronic use.

Factory Spark-Test Voltage 5000 VAC. 100% of all wire is tested at this voltage.

Insulation Breakdown Voltage > 7000 volts, peak.

IR: Insulation Resistance, wet > 2000 megohm/100 mtr, metal to water bath at +20ºC

Nominal Dielectric Constant value 4 Flame Properties Self extinguishing.

Meets UL VW-1

Fungus resistant

Made in the USA