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Rotary Switch - 1 Pole, 12 Positions, Adjustable Stop - D Shaft - Solder Lug

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These single-pole guitar pedal rotary switches allow you to select how many throws you want, up to 12!

Rotary switches are great. Let us list the ways:

- Connect multiple resistors to create a recallable/hyper-precise volume knob.

- Connect capacitors for an adjustable tone stack.

- Connect diodes for clipping in options ala the Bazz Fuss.

- Use a combination of resistors and capacitors for low- and high-pass filters.

- And more!

 Our 1p-12pos rotary switch features 12 solder lug terminals and a sturdy D-shaft. You can select as many poles as you like, up to 12.

Don't flip your switch, turn it: A simple toggle switch allows you to switch between two values: on or off. Rotary switches say, "the heck with that!" -- you can connect as many (or as few) components to a rotary switch as you have positions. For more information on rotary switches and tone stacking, check out the always helpful Beavis Audio stompbox switch tech page.

The Specs:

Guitar pedal rotary switch

Nut, lock washer, stop ring


No continuous rotation

1 pole, selectable up to 12 positions (1p-12pos)

Solder lug

1/4" or 6.35mm mounting hole

Shorting (make before break)

Solder temp: 572°F / 300℃ max for 3 seconds

Rating: .3A 125VAC