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Mini Rotary Switch 1P5T - 1 Pole, 5 Position - Knurled Shaft

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Go big or go home? Nah. These 1P5T guitar pedal "mini" rotary switches do the job and get out of the way -- so you can stuff even more into even smaller enclosures!

These single-pole guitar pedal rotary switches allow you to switch one pole through 5 positions. Why is this so great?

- Use multiple resistors to create a recallable/hyper-precise volume knob.

- Use capacitors for an adjustable tone stack.

- Use diodes for clipping in options in the Bazz Fuss.

- Use a combination of resistors and capacitors for low- and high-pass filters.

- And more!

Our 1p-5pos rotary switch features PCB terminals and a sturdy knurled 6.0mm shaft.

Beginners: You might be thinking "I see 8 positions and 8 poles on this switch, but you say it only has 5. What's the deal?"

Astute observation! This switch is internally limited to use only 5 poles. You can only click from positions 1-5. In other words, three of them won't be active. It's common for many PCBs to be designed to mount a 1p5t rotary in this 1p8t form factor. In fact, if you search online you can find a few folks selling breakout PCBs for the same pinout as this switch.

The Specs:

Guitar pedal rotary switch

Nut, lock washer


No continuous rotation

1 pole, selectable up to 5 positions (1p-5pos)

PCB mount

9.3mm mounting hole

Break before make

Solder temp: 500°F / 260℃ max for 3 seconds

Rating: .3A 60VDC


Don't flip your switch, turn it: A simple toggle switch allows you to switch between two values: on or off. Rotary switches say, "the heck with that!" -- you can connect as many (or as few) components to a rotary switch as you have positions. For more information on rotary switches and tone stacking, check out the always helpful Beavis Audio stompbox switch tech page.