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Rubber Grip Knob - "The Gravitron" - 1/4" Smooth Shaft

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If I were to ask you to quickly name a carnival ride from your youth, you'd probably yell out, "The Gravitron!" Do you remember how hard it was to hold your arms straight out and not have them swing wildly to the side and smash your neighbors face? This knob is as fun to spin but won't make you nauseous! 

Our Gravitron audio control knob features a hard plastic cap with indicator and soft-touch rubber grip for supreme control when dialing in your sound. Available in two outer diameter sizes -- 16mm and 21mm -- for 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometers. 

The Specs:

Rubber audio control knob - "The Gravitron"

Plastic and soft touch rubber grip

2mm hex screw

For 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometer

16mm tall

Large: 21mm diameter

Small: 16mm diameter

P.S.: If you are missing the early 90s, take this YouTube Gravitron video for a spin. (And shout-out to the Rehoboth Beach Funland in Delaware where Rebecca rode the Gravitron every summer!)