Solid Aluminum Knob - "The Armbruster" (15mm OD)

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*New Silver Finish*

The new-and-improved Armbruster features better set screw tolerances (and a switch to a hex screw), a smoother finish to the top, and machine-line, painted indicator.

Smooth and cool to the touch . . . there's just something that feels good about a solid aluminum knob between forefinger and thumb.

The Armbruster aluminum knob keeps the styling simple with a painted indicator and vertical textured grip. It's a super-versatile, professional look. 

Now available in cool silver, alongside classic black and sweet mocha. A hex screw secures the knob onto a 1/4" (6.4mm) shaft pot. 

The Specs:

Anodized aluminum knob 

Painted machine-line indicator

2mm black hex screw (black knob) or silver hex screw (mocha and silver knobs)

For 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometer

13mm tall

15mm outer diameter

12.5mm inner shaft height

Need this knob for a knurled shaft pot? Get the black aluminum knob in knurled shaft here.

Wanna get all matchy with your design? The Armbruster looks lovely next to our aluminum Hi-Fi knob and Skinny Hi-Fi knob. Check out the final image in our gallery for a picture of all three knobs together.


What's in a name? We call this knob "The Armbruster" after customer Olivier Armbruster who came to us looking for a knob at these specs. We listened to him, sourced it, and are proud to now offer it in the store.*

*Do you have a product you want us to carry? Contact us! Just don't think that if we source something for you we are automatically going to name it after you. (The guy's name sounds like a character from an '80s Arnold Schwarzenegger movie for Pete's sake. If your name is super-boring like "Dave Smith," it ain't gonna happen.)

**Unless of course you are The Dave Smith, Synth Pioneer of Greatness. In which case, we will absolutely name it after you.