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Super Premium DPDT Latched Foot Switch - Soft Click

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The super premium is now a DPDT!

This soft click footswitch is the perfect replacement switch for some of the older Guyatone micro-series pedals. 

Made in Japan in small batches, the Soft Click DPDT Latched Foot Switch exceeds whatever expectations you have about a DPDT switch. With a sturdy heft in hand (and weighing in at a full ounce!), this DPDT is perfect for those who demand the absolute best parts for their builds. Many builders praise gold connections for the metal's superior connectivity and inability to rust or tarnish.

Cup-bottomed posts allow precision soldering, and there's NO EPOXY TO ACCIDENTALLY MELT! The fit is exact and absolutely unphased by heating.

And, oh my stars, this switch feels so buttery smooth to push. Demand has grown steadily for soft touch switches, and the quality of these premium Soft Click DPDT Latched Foot Switches is far superior to the rest on the market. This switch is rated for an astounding 200,000 cycles.

Your community of pedal builders has not failed you in their quest for this out-of-this-world DPDT, and neither will the switches themselves.


1.) This switch has a different thread compared to standard latching DPDT stomp switches.

2.) This switch has a different footprint for the soldering cups compared to standard latching DPDT stomp switches.

3.) For any Guyatone Pedal specific questions and to find out if this is the switch you need you should contact them:



12mm mounting hole




Soldering Temperature: 350℃ max for 3 seconds

Number of times: 1 time


Preheat Soldering Surface Temperature: 100℃ max for 2 minutes

Soldering Temperature: 260±5℃ max for 5±1 second

Number of times: 2 times