Taiway DPDT On On On Switch - Solder Lug - Short Shaft - Black Plated

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Too much shine? We're on-on-on it! 

Our black-plated DPDT on-on-on mini toggle switch lets you choose what elements you want to stand out on your gear. Making a blacked out pedal, or just looking to minimize the toggle? This black toggle switch will blend in more seamlessly with a black design. Or maybe you want that toggle to POP? A black switch will command attention against a vibrant white or bright color. 

Plus, it's a Taiway! Taiway makes great switches. This DPDT on-on-on mini toggle switch with short bat actuator and PCB mount pins is no exception. Strong, reliable, and so much fun to click!

These DPDT on-on-on toggle switches are similar to Salecom switches and great for guitar repair, pedal modifications, and DIY audio projects.

The Specs:

TAIWAY brand

Miniature toggle switch

Part# 100-DP6-T200B1M1QW

Double pole, double throw toggle switch

ON ON ON (3 positions)

PCB mount

2A 250VAC

5A 125VAC

0.4VA 20VDC /VAC

1/4" or 6.35mm mounting hole

For the full datasheet experience click here.

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