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1590A Enclosure - Gorva Design M45 - Bare Aluminum

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And now . . . a (slightly) bigger, (definitely) better 1590A!

Our friend Ken from Gorva Design is back at it again, with some subtle yet significant improvements to the well-known 1590A Hammond replacement enclosure. This 1590A enclosure for guitar pedals and DIY projects is about 7mm longer, 8mm wider, and 4mm taller than standard. But, the biggest plus for this box is the suspended screw hole tab design, typical for Gorva Design enclosures, but especially meaningful for the tight builds of a 1590A.

Pedal builders use the increased internal room to mount 1/4" jacks. (We recommend the compact Lumberg KLBM 3 and KLB 3 jacks.) Check out the image in our photo gallery to see how our customer @gearant was able to top/end mount the power and I/O jacks due to the extra space the suspended screw hole tabs provide.

What else makes 'em great?

High-Quality Gorgeousness: The smooth, rounded edge along the enclosure just looks good and adds a slap of wow to the finished build. In production, the mold goes through a heated treatment that strengthens the overall structure and produces perfect corners and edges.

Suspended Screws = More Internal Room: We all know what a few millimeters can mean in a tight build. The suspended screw hole tabs give back precious space so you can stuff even more components in your builds.

Secure Fit: The recessed lid and enclosure box fit TIGHTLY. Why does that matter? When you stomp on the pedal, the downward force is more evenly transferred. Your builds will shout PRO when the outside of your enclosure matches the inside build quality.

These top-notch enclosures are a bit larger than the normal 1590A enclosures you might be used to, so be sure to check the measurements when creating your drill template.

Each 1590A enclosure ships raw and unfinished and is ready to be sanded/painted/buffed to a perfect shine.

The Specs:

1590A Hammond clone enclosure

Manufactured by Gorva Design (The dude behind the pedal company 6 Degrees FX.)

With back plate and four screws

Die-cast aluminum

Length: 100mm

Width: 45mm

Outer height: 35mm

Internal height: 33mm


RoHS compliant


Need more information on 1590A enclosures? Here is the break-down on our entire line:

1590A: Our standard aluminum enclosure that we've been selling for years. Available in Bare Aluminum and Black, White, Blue, and Red powder coat. 92.5 x 38.5 x 31mm

1590A - CNC Pro: Sourced for customers who tell us they prefer slightly thinner aluminum walls (than our standard enclosure) for CNC drilling. Available in Bare Aluminum. 93.6 x 38.5 x 32mm

1590A - Gorva Design M45: Produced for premium builds with upgraded design specs such as silky smooth finish and rounded top edge. Available in Bare Aluminum. Powder coat colors coming in 2022. 100 x 45 x 35mm