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3PDT Latched Foot Switch - Low Profile - PCB Mount - Long Bushing

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A compact, low-profile 3PDT latched foot switch with EXTRA-LONG bushing that can take seriously high heat. This one is for all you ambitious enclosure folks!

At first glance, you might think -- why in the world would anyone need a switch with an 18.5mm bushing? And to that we say, the creative mind is a beast of mystery who knows no limits in its conjuring.

Choose this 3PDT latched foot switch when you want to mount your components on the same side of the PCB as your switch. Plus, this switch can handle heat! The "feet" on the body allow for dip soldering, and this 3PDT switch is rated for hand soldering at a scorching 662°F / 350°C (for 3 seconds max).

Builders love our low profile foot switches for squeezing into tight enclosures. 

The Specs:

3PDT latched foot switch

Low profile

Two hex nuts, 1 spring washer, and 1 flat washer assembly

PCB mount

10,000 cycles

Hand solder temp: 662°F / 350°C for 3 seconds

Dip solder temp: 500°F / 260°C for 5-10 seconds

12mm mounting hole

Check the technical drawing for complete measurements.


Beginners: If you're using a PCB board someone else designed for foot switches, you'll need to make sure it was done specifically for the low profile switch (due to a smaller pin layout). Otherwise it's likely you'll need to go with the standard blue 3PDT latched foot switch.