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Component Substitution Boxes - DIY CopperSound - Capacitor/Resistor/Diode/Transistor

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Spend more of your precious time finding your unique sound and tone and less time fiddling with teeny-tiny components!

Did you know humans can only remember what tone sounds like for about 3-4 seconds? So, if it takes you 25 seconds to swap out capacitors, there's no way to truly A/B test the values because our brains can't hold onto the sound memory long enough. Now, imagine being able to swap between values in a few milliseconds, just by turning a rotary switch. You can now truly compare sounds scientifically speaking! (Consult your local scientist for more information, or just read more about Echoic Memory here)

We've got a range of component sub boxes to meet varying circuit building needs:

Ceramic Cap: 24 ceramic capacitor values from 1pf to 820pf (50V)

Electrolytic Cap: 24 electrolytic capacitor values from 1uf to 470uf (25V)

Film Cap: 24 film capacitor values from 1nf to 1uf (63V)

Diode: 24 diode pairs arranged in symmetry (Small signal, zener, schottky, MOSFET  and germanium.)

FET Transistor: 12 FET transistors (6 JFET and 6 MOSFET; all N-channel)

Transistor: 12 transistors (BJT and Darlington types; all NPN)

Resistor: 24 resistor values from 10ohm to 1Meg (1/4W)

These substitution boxes are really just plain fun. If you haven't played around with them before, I highly recommend it! Not sure what to start with? Try the the Bazz Fuss circuit! You can mess with the values of nearly everything for this lil' wonder of a fuzz circuit! Here's a link to that circuit.

The Specs:

Component Substitution Box

Types: Ceramic Cap (yellow), Diode (orange), Electrolytic Cap (green), FET Transistor (white), Film Cap (red), Resistor (blue), and Transistor (purple)

Wire length: approximately 28cm (11")


Get breadboarding! If you are building or modifying circuits, check out these awesome solderless breadboards prebuilt with components. Like a luxury sports car for pedal building--makes it speedy and so much fun!