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Breadboarding Toggle Adapter Set - DIY CopperSound

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Easily add toggle switches when prototyping on a breadboard using these toggle switch adapters.

Each adapter set includes two mounting pin headers and a PCB for SPDT, DPDT, or 3PDT toggle switches. Add on your solder lug* toggle switch of choice.

*We're suggesting solder lug toggles instead of PCB toggles/versions. That's because the PCB adapter boards were designed with larger holes to accommodate the more popular solder lug versions! Plus, we find them easier to solder anyway, as they tend to wiggle far less during the soldering process.

The Specs:

Comes unassembled/unsoldered

Breadboarding toggle switch adapter kit

For solder lug toggles

Each adapter set includes two pin headers and one PCB for SPDT, DPDT, or 3PDT toggle switches

Toggle switch not included

What else ya need?

  • Get thee a toggle! These adapter sets are designed for solder lug toggles. You can add on a toggle switch on this page, or choose from our full selection of toggle switches.
  • Pick up a pack of pre-cut hook-up wire in black or red.
  • Don't forget to buy a breadboard: These ridiculously good solderless breadboards are prebuilt with components, making it even easier to design circuits quickly.