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Breadboarding Is Not A Crime Sticker

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Breadboarding is not a crime! 8x2" sticker on heavy-duty vinyl.

I saw someone post one of these on Instagram and just HAD to have it in the shop. So I reached out to Ben Lazarus and he was kind enough to give us permission to use his awesome design!

Here's more about Ben in his own words:

I've always loved stickers and skateboarding. Skate companies have spoofed many a logo over the years. As a freelance graphic designer, I reworked a few logos for a local skateboard brand, Faster Skateboards. One of the most iconic skate stickers declares that "Skateboarding is not a crime," and it was ripe for its own nerdy takeoff.

I began building fuzz pedals in 2016 and learned to breadboard circuits. I love the intersection of tech and aesthetics. The happy accidents, troubleshooting and discoveries keep me reaching for the soldering iron and breadboard. I don't have a website yet--for now I showcase my custom fuzz pedals on Instagram @Fuzzarus (My last name is Lazarus).
So what are you waiting for? Add this awesome sticker to your cart, and then go find Ben on Instagram as @Fuzzarus and give him some love.

P.S.: We want to see where these stickers end up! Share your pics of the Breadboarding Is Not A Crime sticker using #lovemyswitches on Instagram, or send us your pics!