Breadboarding Is Not A Crime Sticker


Breadboarding is not a crime! 8x2" sticker on heavy-duty vinyl.

I saw someone post one of these on Instagram and just HAD to have it in the shop. So I reached out to Ben Lazarus and he was kind enough to give us permission to use his awesome design so that we can give them out for free!

Here's more about Ben in his own words:

I've always loved stickers and skateboarding. Skate companies have spoofed many a logo over the years. As a freelance graphic designer, I reworked a few logos for a local skateboard brand, Faster Skateboards. One of the most iconic skate stickers declares that "Skateboarding is not a crime," and it was ripe for its own nerdy takeoff.

I began building fuzz pedals in 2016 and learned to breadboard circuits. I love the intersection of tech and aesthetics. The happy accidents, troubleshooting and discoveries keep me reaching for the soldering iron and breadboard. I don't have a website yet--for now I showcase my custom fuzz pedals on Instagram @Fuzzarus (My last name is Lazarus).
So what are you waiting for? Add this awesome sticker to your cart, and then go find Ben on Instagram as @Fuzzarus and give him some love.


P.S.: These stickers are free for you, but they weren't free for us. So don't be wasteful. OK?

P.P.S.: We want to see where these stickers end up! Share your pics of the Breadboarding Is Not A Crime sticker using #lovemyswitches on Instagram, or send us your pics!