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Jumper Wire Kit for Breadboarding - 140 pieces

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Why spend hours cutting and bending your own solderless breadboard wire when you can have this whole jumper wire kit for just a few bucks?! Plus, this breadboard wire comes with a super handy carrying/storage case to keep everything organized.
This Jumper Wire Kit includes 140 pieces of solid wire in 12 different lengths, from 5 inches to 2mm (not including the stripped section). They are bent into U shapes for easy placement on a solderless breadboard.
The Specs:
Solid core
Lengths vary, from 5" (12.7cm) to 2mm per piece
Approximately 6mm stripped per end
140 pieces per kit
PVC coated
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Jumper wire vs. hook-up wire: If you're new to building, you might wonder what is the difference between jumper wire (like the wire in this kit) and hook-up wire, which we sell in spools of 100, 500, and 1,000 feet, as well as in pre-cut lengths of 1.5" and 2". Jumper wires are pieces of solid wire that fit directly into a breadboard, making prototype connections quick and easy -- no soldering required. In fact jumper wire is pretty bad at sucking up and bonding to solder compared to . . . our hook-up wire, which is a higher-quality, stranded, and pre-bonded wire. "Pre-bond" means it already has solder applied and its strands act like a sponge for solder, which makes soldering so much easier and faster. And that means beginners (and experienced folks alike) are much less likely to overheat a switch or other component. Overheating during soldering is the number one reason for component failure! Choosing the right wire can help make any DIY project go more smoothly.