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Solderless Breadboard - DIY CopperSound - Prebuilt with Components

$29.99 - $99.99
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You started with mods, then a re-house, then a kit. Well buddy, it's time to hit the next level of gear building: a complete ALL-IN-ONE solderless breadboard assembled with all the things!!!

Why this one? It's got everything built-in you need to start tweaking RIGHT NOW!

It's got a power jack!
It's got input and output jacks!
It's got a true bypass switch!
It's got a status LED!
(and The Deluxe has got stereo jacks and an expression pedal input!)


Say, WHAT??!!! Yes, this is the solderless breadboard of your dreams! (Cue cheers and screams of joy while running around waving your hands like an excitable Muppet.)

When we first saw this all-in-one, pre-assembled, integrated breadboard, we knew that you, dear customer, needed this in your life. The boards are clearly labeled for ease of use. There are pin headers to connect each section of the breadboards (or an external circuit/PCB) to the PCB. Can you get more "plug and play" than this? (Could we have used more exclamation points to describe this product? Possibly not, but, you get the idea.) 

All of this integration means you can quickly and easily test and tinker and tweak all sorts of stuff. You might wonder what happens if you roll off a little more highs on the input? Or, what would happen if you added a pot for voltage sag? If you've ever built a circuit and thought, "I wonder what would happen if I made this tiny change, . . ." this breadboard is for you. If you've ever socketed a resistor, transistor, or capacitor, this breadboard is for you.

We are offering these breadboards in four uber-useful sizes:

Mini - 350 points, mono

Small - 730 points, mono

Medium - 1,410 points, mono

Large - 2,290 points, mono

Deluxe - 2,090 points, stereo and TRS expression

These super-cool integrated breadboards are made by CopperSound Pedals, a pedal company that loves DIY ;)

The Specs:

All breadboards are integrated with the following PCB mounted parts.

- Power jack: 2.1mm Boss Style/Industry standard - negative polarity

- 1/4" in and out jacks

- True bypass 3PDT toggle switch (Deluxe has two.)

- LED with CLR (Deluxe has two; on all you can go up to 18V when using the CLR.)

- 2-pin headers placed in convenient locations to connect each section of the breadboards with ease

Deluxe size includes all components and adds: Stereo in and out jacks and corresponding headers, dual true bypass toggles for left and right, dual LEDs with CLR. Tip/ring expression jack (sleeve is connected to ground).

What else do ya need?


What's A Breadboard?

In the world of DIY electronica, the term "breadboard" describes a device used for quick and easy solderless prototyping when designing a circuit. A long time of ago, people would literally use wire nailed into whatever wooden board was most handy (like, you know, the kind often laying around to cut bread upon -- an actual true story backed up by Wikipedia!) Today, a typical solderless breadboard is made of plastic or a similarly nonconductive material with holes spaced throughout. Below the holes lie strips of metal clips that allow DIY hobbyists and tinkerers to place into a circuit various components, such as wire, potentiometers, switches, etc. Using a breadboard allows for quicker, easier, and non-destructive changes to electronic circuits and also can be used for trouble-shooting.

Not Sure How to Use This Breadboard?

Check out this super-informative video by JHS that shows how to use this solderless breadboard. Thanks, JHS!

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