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Jumper Wire Ribbon Set for Breadboarding - Male to Male - 40 pieces

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Sometimes you just need to flex!

Our solderless breadboard Jumper Wire Ribbon Set offers a more flexible connection option than solid wire

This peel-apart ribbon wire set comes in groups of 40 pieces, assorted colors. Use different colors to correspond to different parts of your circuit, like using black for ground, red for V+, green for input, yellow for output, etc. This rainbow is all yours, so use the colors that makes the most sense for you!

We have two lengths available:

5" (12.7cm)

6 3/4" (17.2cm)

These are male to male connections, meaning that the pins on each end fit perfectly in our Solderless Breadboards.

The Specs:

Ribbon wire

Male to male pin connectors

Lengths pin to pin: 5" (12.7cm) and 6 3/4" (17.2cm)

40 pieces per set

PVC coated, assorted colors

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