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The Barefoot Buttons foot switch cap attaches to most stomp switches and is designed for players to switch on effects without hurting their bare feet.

As any person familiar with the stabbing pain of barefoot switch stomping can attest, at times, a pedal is in need of a proper foot switch cap--and one that can take an ever-living-beating. For those pedals, we humbly present the all-aluminum (or clear sturdy acrylic!) Barefoot Buttons stompbox foot switch cap. The version we offer fits most 3PDT, DPDT and yes, even 4PDT foot switches.

Just slide the cap on top of the actuator and adjust each of the three hex screws with the included Allen wrench. Guaranteed to stay put and offer an even bigger target for your toes, so you'll have increased accuracy, fewer missed hits, and a not-insignificant level of protection for bare feet.

The Specs:

Cap for foot switches

Anodized aluminum or clear acrylic

Three stainless steel hex screws

Allen wrench

For 10mm (3/8") foot switch actuators

12mm height

28.5mm (1 1/8") diameter

NOTE: These caps do not fit on ANY SPST Momentary Foot Switches that we sell.

P.S.: We met the nice folks who make the Barefoot Buttons foot switch cap at NAMM and were stoked to find out they won best in show for the 2019 Add-Ons & Accessories category of exhibitors. Congrats, you guys!