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Mini Brutalist Knob (13.5mm OD)

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You know how it goes. Sometimes, it's the little guy with the biggest bite. Our Mini Brutalist Knob boasts the same pedal-hungry domination of its bulkier brethren but at an ever-so-slimmer 13.5mm outer diameter. Perfect for synths and smaller guitar pedal builds with big personality.

Built to be strong, the knob boasts a solid plastic molded design with brass cup insert and set screw.

Choose from ten colors.

The Specs:

Mini Brutalist knob

Plastic with indicator

Brass cup insert with flat head set screw

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft potentiometer

16.5mm tall

13.5mm diameter at the base

MOAR BRUTALIST! Mix and match with our 18mm OD Brutalist, and our solid aluminum look-alike, the Obelisk Knob.