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Pedal Power Supply - 18VDC 2A

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Yeahhhh buddy! We've got 18VDC power supplies now!

If you're looking for an 18V power supply, you've probably got a pedal that is designed with high fidelity in mind. So, pick a power supply that's reliable and can handle anything you can throw at it.

We made these 18V power supplies for customer Josh Ledford, of the Rockman "amp in a box" RMS X100 fame. He came to us with a specific vision in mind: “I had been using your 12V power supply for years. We discovered they are extremely quiet, probably the best you can get as far as powering pedals go. We needed that super quiet supply but needed it to have more voltage.” Which is why we had them made for him! 

This 18V power supply is rated for 2A; however, in my testing, this power supply did not auto-shut down until over 3A. Why is that important? You don't want a power supply to run at 100% of its capacity. You need headroom for any spikes (and other nerdy reasons).

Our 18V power supply for guitar pedals and other negative polarity audio equipment is reliable: I've had a 9V from this same factory running my entire board for eight years now! It's still going strong! Don't get some random one on Amazon that is likely not as powerful as it claims to be, sold by some seller that will disappear in a month. Your board deserves a quality power supply.

Idea time! If you're a builder looking to ship power supplies with your pedals, this high-powered 2A PSU is what you want. Most folks using 18V pedals tend to be highly tone-focused, and the last thing you want is for them to daisy chain a few 18V pedals and get issues with their power supply--and blame your pedals. Plus, they will work anywhere in the world. You can feed this power supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz with a simple prong adapter, which gear loving folks in other countries tend to have lots of experience with.

The Specs:

18V DC

2 Amp (a.k.a. 2000mA)

2.1mm barrel

1.2m cord


Tip/center negative, sleeve positive

Input: 100-240VAC 50/60hz

Packaged in a plain white box

Dimensions of housing (not including prongs and the "bump" the prongs come out of): 85.5 x 48.9 x 32.5mm


Buy a power supply in 9V and 12V, too!