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USB to 9VDC Power Cable - Standard Polarity - NOT FOR PEDALS!

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Our manufacturer made this batch with standard polarity: The barrel is negative polarity, and the pin is positive. This means they are . . . not for pedals!

We figured it would be a shame to just throw these out, so we're selling them cheap in the hopes that you creative people can use them for something. There's enough e-waste in the world and we'd like to not add to it.

Once these are gone we won't be carrying them again.

Beginners: These USB to 9V power cables have standard polarity -- AKA the barrel is negative and the pin is positive. In the pedal world the barrel is positive. If you are looking for a USB to 9VDC cable to use with your pedals, click here.

The Specs:

USB to 9V DC power cable

Positive pin polarity

1000 mAh

2.1mm barrel size

Cable Length: 13 inches (33.02cm)

Total Length: 16.5 inches (41.91cm)