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USB to 9VDC Power Cable -Power Pedals with a Battery pack!

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Power your pedalboard with a portable phone charger!

This USB cable is super cool: Just connect it to any battery pack with a USB port and you are ready to power your pedals.

The cable is especially great for gigs, as it's one less source of noise to worry about--and one less question to annoy the sound guy with. ("Uh, dude, do you have an extra extension cord for my pedalboard?")

This cable is rated for 1A of power and has a negative polarity.

The Specs:

USB to 9V DC power cable

Works with 2.1mm Boss style / industry standard power plugs (sleeve positive)

Cable Length: 13 inches (33.02cm)

Total Length: 16.5 inches (41.91cm)