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RCA Style Radio Knob - 1/4" Smooth Shaft

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Give your new gear an old-stock look!

These RCA style audio control knobs boast serious vintage vibes, evoking the RCA BA6A, Collins and Universal Audio tube gear that now sells for the price of a car. We think they are perfect for restoring old equipment, replacing knobs, or just giving some old-school cool to whatever you are buildingamps, guitar pedals, consoles, phonographs, oceanographic exploration vehicles, UFO detection devices, supersonic passenger airplaneswhatever gear you're into.

These versatile black knobs come in four sizes to fit 1/4" smooth shaft potentiometers and feature a full length indicator for maximum visibility.

The design for these knobs was likely courtesy of one of the 20th century's top industrial designers, John Vassos, who was the lead designer for RCA, and has an absolutely bonkers list of accomplishments. (He hung out with artist John Singer Sargent and later was in charge of a secretive spy school during World War II, for heaven's sake!) You can find Vassos' designs in museums such as The Smithsonian, andcourtesy of this sweet RCA Style Knobon your gear!

The Specs:

RCA style radio knob


White painted indicator

Brass cup insert with hex screw

Small and Medium have a 1.5mm hex set screw (1.5mm Allen wrench recommended)

Large and Extra Large have a 2mm hex set screw (2mm Allen wrench recommended)

For 1/4" (6.4mm) smooth shaft potentiometer

Small: 21.7x12.3mm

Medium: 25.7x16.3mm

Large: 32x19.8mm

Extra-large: 39.8x21.4mm

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