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The Make Things Make Noise T-Shirt

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WHAT WAS THAT? WHAT DID YOU SAY? Sorry, you'll have to speak up to be heard over the epic awesomeness of our new "Make Things Make Noise" T-shirt. 

We love and live by this motto. It's perfectly clear and totally ambiguous at the same time.

Are your things making noise?

Are you making noise while you make things?

Do you make things in total silence, only to then plug in your things and take a stab at breaking the world record for loudest recorded decibel level? (FWIW, Sleazy Joe claims the title for loudest concert played, their 2008 performance in Hassleholm peaking at 143.2 dB. If you are indeed attempting to break this record, we hope you've invested in a quality pair of protective ear muffs and have really chill neighbors.)

Who are you supporting when you buy this shirt?

We screen print with a company here in Portland, Oregon, that donates a percentage of each order to Trailkeepers of Oregon and Friends of the Columbia Gorge.  

The design is printed on a sustainably-sourced, responsibly-dyed cotton blank that is so soft you will literally never want to take it off. The price point reflects the quality. This is a shirt that will last you a very long time. 

The design was created by local Portland artist and musician (and Molly's band member!) Chloé Serkissian of The Apricots

The Specs:

Men's Classic Tee

Printed on AS Colour 5026 blanks

Green and red ink printed on 100% sustainably sourced cotton

Cream-colored shirt

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As always, if you need a size--just ask! We'll get some made on the next run.