Make Things ⚡ Make Noise Sticker

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It's another sticker! It's almost free! And it looks awesome on anything that makes noise--even our elderly kitty LadyBear. (No cats were harmed in the photographing of this sticker.)

Does it mean, "Make things. And, also, make noise? Or, does it mean, "Make noise with things. Any thing really will do"? Or . . . does it mean, "Make things that make noise"?

*cue dramatic pause*

Whatever the heck it means to you, be proud that you make things! And encourage others to get their hands dirty and make their own weird stuff.

Circuit benders, euro-synth nerds, pedal people: Show your membership to our awesome tribe of curious sound hacking!

The Specs:

Sticker measures 8.5 x 0.75" 

P.S.: We want to see where these stickers end up! Share your pics of the "Make Things Make Noise" sticker using #lovemyswitches #makethingsthatmakenoise on Instagram, or send us your pics!