1590BB Enclosure - Gorva Design S90 - Powder Coat

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Do you want a perfect powder coat, straight from the manufacturer? Buckle-up, friends: Your "Perfect 10" enclosure is here.

Choose from three flawless powder coat options: Black, Silver, and White. (If you need a large amount Contact us for custom colors! Or, get this puppy in bare aluminum finish and paint it it yourself . . . if you dare.)

Silky Matte Finish: The enclosures have a matte eggshell satin finish with a smooth, soft touch.

Perfect Powder Coat: Automated powder coating yields a smooth, even painted surface with no bubbles and no indentations. In the powder-coating process, each enclosure is hooked to a rail and enters the machine (kind of like a train car hooked to a track). There is no over-spray inside the enclosure. This means you won't need to scratch off any paint in the countersunk screw holes to ensure grounding.

High-Quality Gorgeousness: The smooth, rounded edge along the enclosure just looks good and adds an dose of wow to the finished build. In production, the mold goes through a heated treatment that strengthens the overall structure and allows the aluminum to flow better than it would at room temperature, producing perfect corners and edges.

Suspended Screws = More Internal Room: We all know what a few millimeters can mean in a tight build. The suspended screw hole tabs give back precious space to stuff in even more things.

Tight Fit: The lid and enclosure box fit TIGHTLY. Why does that matter? When you stomp on the pedal, the downward force is more evenly transferred. Plus, it just screams PRO when things fit together this well.

With a silky smooth finish, sinuously curved top edges, and a commitment to quality at every level of manufacturing, this 1590BB Hammond clone is absolutely eye-popping. 

The Specs:

1590BB Hammond clone enclosure

Manufactured by Gorva Design

Black, silver, or white powder coat

With back plate and four screws

Die-cast aluminum

Length: 117.2mm

Width: 90mm

Outer depth: 39mm

Inner depth: 35mm

RoHS compliant


Need more information on 1590BB enclosures? Here is the break-down on our entire line:

1590BB: Our standard bare aluminum enclosure that we've been selling for years. Available in Bare Aluminum and Black and White powder coat. 119.5 x 94 x 34mm

1590BB - CNC Pro: Sourced for customers who tell us they prefer slightly thinner aluminum walls (than our standard enclosure) for CNC drilling. Available in Bare Aluminum. 119.5 x 94 x 34mm

1590BB - Gorva Design S90: Produced for premium builds with upgraded design specs such as silky smooth finish and rounded top edge. Available in Bare Aluminum and Black, Silver, and White powder coat. 117.2 x 90 x 39mm