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125B Enclosure - Gorva Design C65 - Polish and Powder Coat

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NEW! We now have these 125B enclosures in a shiny, polished finish!

Do you want a perfect powder coat? Or, perhaps you are looking for bespoke, boutique, out-of-this-world gorgeousness? Buckle-up, friends: The 125B powder-coat enclosures manufactured by Gorva Design are here. These top-notch enclosures are a tiny bit skinnier than the normal 125B enclosures you might be used to. If you're using an off-the-shelf PCB, check the measurements to make sure it will fit.

Choose from remaining powder coat options: Black, Silver, and White. Or, a shiny, polished finish so pretty that it would make even Narcissus blush!

More About the Matte Finish: The matte enclosures (black, military green, silver, white) have an eggshell satin finish with a smooth, soft touch.

  • Perfect Powder Coat: Automated powder coating yields a smooth, even painted surface with no bubbles and no indentations. In the powder-coating process, each enclosure is hooked to a rail and enters the machine (kind of like a train car hooked to a track). There is no over-spray inside the enclosure. This means you won't need to scratch off any paint in the countersunk screw holes to ensure grounding.
  • High-Quality Gorgeousness: The smooth, rounded edge along the enclosure just looks good and adds an dose of wow to the finished build. In production, the mold goes through a heated treatment that strengthens the overall structure and allows the aluminum to flow better than it would at room temperature, producing perfect corners and edges.

With sinuously curved top edges, a recessed back plate, and a commitment to quality at every level of manufacturing, this 125B Hammond clone is absolutely eye-popping.

These powder-coated enclosures have been discontinued by the manufacturer. If you want a custom color, contact us! We can custom powder coat any color in minimum orders of 25 enclosures.

The Specs:

125B Hammond clone enclosure

Manufactured by Gorva Design (The dude behind the pedal company 6 Degrees FX.)

Black, silver, or white powder coat; or polished finish

With back plate and four screws

Die-cast aluminum

Length: 117.2mm

Width: 65mm

Outer depth: 39mm

Inner depth: 35mm


RoHS compliant


Need more information on 125B enclosures? Here is the break-down on our entire line:

125B: Our standard aluminum enclosure that we've been selling for years. Available in Bare Aluminum and Black, White, Blue, and Red powder coat. 121 x 66 x 39mm

125B - CNC Pro: Sourced for customers who tell us they prefer slightly thinner aluminum walls (than our standard enclosure) for CNC drilling. Available in Bare Aluminum. 122 x 66.98 x 39.64mm

125B - Gorva Design C65: Produced for premium builds with upgraded design specs such as silky smooth finish and rounded top edge. Available in Bare Aluminum; Black, Silver, and White powder coat; and polished finish. 117.2 x 65 x 39mm