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Pedal Port - Pedal Building Third Hand

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And now for something completely different: It's the Pedal Port! A flexible tool designed to grip your pedal-building parts while you solder!

We've all used third hands for pedal building and, while essential, all that clipping in and making sure the parts don't wiggle around . . . well, it is an invention ripe for reimagining. Which is why we were stoked when Rick from Austin Ribbon Microphones introducing us to "The Hot Holder," a part holder he made for live sound/studio/pro audio/amp techs. He'd made a silicone block with slots for holding all kinds of components. No clips, just plug in your parts and solder away!

We loved the idea and suggested he make a special "holder" just for pedal building, and low and behold -- he did! Now, The Hot Holder Pedal Port is exclusively sold through Love My Switches, because Rick is great like that.

The Pedal Port includes 25 slots sized for potentiometers, foot switches, PCBs, LEDs, power jacks, and pretty much any other part, connector, or weirdly shaped component you can shove in there. It's made of flexible silicone, so your components stay scratch-free, and it naturally "suctions" to your workbench to stay in place.

Happy soldering!

**Remember, while the Pedal Port is sturdy and designed for regular use, it is made from silicone, so it's not indestructible.**


The Specs:

The Hot Holder Pedal Port

Manufactured by Austin Ribbon Microphones


Length: about 3" (72.2mm)

Width: about 2.5" (65.9mm)

Height: about 1" (25.1mm)

Made in the USA