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Ribbon Cable - 26AWG Pre-Tinned - 4, 6 & 8 Conductors

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THE ULTIMATE TIME-SAVER! Connect your circuit PCB to your foot switch PCB with an absolute minimal amount of hassle. Our 26AWG flat ribbon cable has six conductors that align with the solder pads on almost all bypass daughter boards.

Don't need six? No worries, choose our 4-conductor or 8-conductor ribbon cables to make fewer or more connections.

Use your third-hand just once to efficiently solder all your connections at one timeno more holding single wires and burning your fingertips.

Plus, our ribbon cable is PRE-CUT INTO TWO-INCH PIECES, so you won't have to contend with a big spool of wire. And, your gutshots will look oh-so-tidy. (No guts, no glory!!) The ends of the wires are stripped and protected in place with sleeving because, OMG, WE COULDN'T MAKE THIS ANY EASIER!

Buy as many, or as few, as you need.

Compatible with the Love My Switches 3PDT Wiring Board PCB.

The Specs:

#26 gauge flat ribbon cable

4 conductors, 2.54mm spacing, approximately 1.8" between cuts

6 conductors, 2.54mm spacing, approximately 1.6" between cuts

8 conductors, 2.54mm spacing, approximately 1.8" between cuts

2-inch (50.8mm) pre-cut piece

Pre-tinned copper wire

PVC insulated