The Pedal Builder's Gift Guide

The Pedal Builder's Gift Guide

Posted by Rebecca on Dec 9th 2020


Give the gift of creativity!

We've noticed that the holiday season is awash with gift guides, but there's not a lot out there for the hands-on, pedal-building, DIY musician. (Let's be real, we love a good wool sock, but how many socks can a person be gifted for the holiday???) 

This year we've updated our Pedal Builder's Gift Guide with a bevy of new tools specifically designed to make a builder's life easier, from top-of-the-line integrated breadboards to Component Substitution Boxes that aren't only essential for tone-building but also just plain fun.

If you're a long-time Love My Switches customer, never fear! We've still got some of the same, awesome products in the line-up, alongside these newbies. And, if you're new to building or have a builder in your life, welcome!

Our gift guide is chock full of toolsmerch, and cool stuff musicians want but won't always buy for themselves. We're highlighting a few of our products that (in our humble opinion) are guaranteed to bring a little bit of happiness.

The Love My Switches E-Gift Certificate

First stop on the gifting train is a Love My Switches Gift Certificate. Maybe your loved one is a consummate tinkerer or has a project they've been wanting to work on for awhile. A gift certificate lets them pick out just exactly what they need. You can include the recipient's email address for instant gifting, or use your email address and then print out the certificate at home, wrap it up, and make that magic moment of awesome gift-giving happen in real life.

DIY All-In-One Solderless Breadboard

Solderless Breadboard - DIY Coppersound - Prebuilt with Components

Next, upgrade your circuit builder's workbench with this Solderless Breadboard Pre-Built With Components. We love this integrated breadboard because everything a builder needs to do before actually getting to the circuit . . . is already done! So when inspiration or ideas strike, they can just sit down and get started. No preamble. It's quick. It's efficient. It's super easy to use. We offer four different sizes, from Mini to Deluxe.

And while you're checking out the breadboard, bundle it with some Breadboarding Toggle Adapter Sets, which drop directly into the breadboards and allow builders to quickly swap out toggle switches in seconds.

Component Substitution Box

Component Substitution Boxes - DIY Coppersound - Capacitor/Resistor/Diode/Transistor

If you want to amp up the fun factor, pick up a Component Substitution Box, which allows you to compare how a circuit changes in seconds with just the turn of a dial. In the BCSB (Before Component Substitution Box) time, you'd have to manually swap out teeny-tiny components in a circuit, which might mean searching your workspace for the right component value, struggling to fit that part into a breadboard, dropping it, searching the fibers of your carpet and discovering just much you need to vacuum your DIY studio space, finally finding what you dropped, successfully getting it in the breadboard . . . wait, what were you doing again?

FORGET ALL THE HASSLE and pick up a sub box (or three) and never vacuum your carpet again.

USB to 9VDC Power Cable

USB to 9VDC Power Cable

This is such a cool little stocker stuffer for any musician who uses effect pedals. This USB TO 9VDC Power Cable has a USB port on one end and an industry standard input plug on the other, so your musician can use any battery USB battery pack (e.g. laptop, portable charger) to power their pedals. The cable is small enough to carry in a pocket or backpack and great for guitar players who are always playing at friends' houses or rented practice spaces.

Pedal Port

Pedal Port - Pedal Building Third Hand

We've all used third hands for pedal building and, while essential, all that clipping in and making sure the parts don't wiggle around . . . well, it is an invention ripe for reimagining. The Pedal Port Pedal Building Third Hand includes 25 slots sized for potentiometers, foot switches, PCBs, LEDs, power jacks, and pretty much any other part, connector, or weirdly shaped component you can shove in there. It's made of flexible silicone, so your components stay scratch-free, and it naturally "suctions" to your workbench to stay in place.

Rocket Sockets - Pedal Building Socket Set

Rocket Sockets

One of our most popular products is the Rocket Sockets Pedal Building Socket Set. This socket set is an absolute game changer for any person who builds pedals, repairs guitars, or works on projects where a metal socket may scratch the finish.

Foot Switch Cap from Barefoot Buttons

 Foot Switch Cap from Barefoot Buttons

This is another great stocking stuffer gift for guitarists. If you've got a barefoot player in your life, you need to get them a Barefoot Button! These foot switch caps fit onto most foot switch actuators, providing a sturdy cushion to protect the sole of the foot, as well as a bigger target for increased accuracy and fewer missed hits. Available in standard size and mini size and in black, blue, red, silver, and clear.

Better Setter

Better Setter - Knob Alignment Tool

Get the precision of perfectly aligned indicators without all the work. The Better Setter Knob Alignment Tool takes away the drudgery of setting knobs precisely in the same position. It's essentially a mini set square for audio control knobs.

Make Things Make Noise T-Shirt

The Make Things Make Noise T-Shirt

We love and live by this motto. Whatever you are into, make things that make noise! Whether you are a guitar player, synth-builder, circuit bender, or have recently gotten into yodeling, this T-shirt is ready to jam. Pair the shirt with a Make Things ⚡ Make Noise Sticker so your recipient can share the love just about anywhere.

I'd Rather Be Soldering Bumper Sticker

I'd Rather Be Soldering - Bumper Sticker

A DIY builder's take on the classic "I'd Rather Be . . ." bumper sticker of the 1970s, this sticker is the perfect addition to a workbench, garage, gear case, and more!

The Love My Switches T-Shirt

Love My Switches T-Shirt

A super-soft black T-shirt pretty much never goes out of style, and we're especially partial to this one because it features our killer logo. Combine a T-shirt with a gift certificate for the one-two punch of pedal building gift-giving greatness.

Foot Control Knob from Wingman FX

Foot Control Knob from Wingman FX

This unique knob is designed for players who need to adjust their pedal settings using their feet. We've got 'em in black, red, and also in glow-in-the-dark, so your loved one can turn out the lights, plug in their party lights, and rock out without interruption.

Do we have even more gift ideas? Heck, yeah! We always suggest gifting something a person might hesitate to buy for themselves -- but are secretly salivating over. Here at HQ, we think the Super Premium 3PDT foot switch and Gorva enclosures make nice upgrades. (Those gift certificates can be a great way to let your recipient pick out the exact part they need.)

Contact us with questions, and happy holidays.